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The spark and connection where women embrace their inner strength and confidence
to release the Goddess within. 

Welcome to the Flutterflies family
Flutterflies invites you to become a member and a committee leader. We are a unique and powerful network of women who embrace life, have a desire to build lasting partnerships, believes in the importance of community involvement, and thrive to empower others to make positive changes.

Focus areas:

Empowerment events and workshops that enhance the (8) eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and social.

Financial wellness: A platform to understand your finances, to be prepared for the unexpected and to achieve future goals. To understand the importance of having a Plan B to obtain financial independence.


Beauty and Overall Wellness: Workshops to create a balance in all areas of holistic living, health, relationships, self-love, and inner & outer beauty.

Community Involvement. Opportunity to work as team player, develop skills and use personal / professional experiences to make a difference in a rapidly changing society.

Personal and Professional Growth. We assist by instilling confidence, teaching business, interpersonal & leadership skills, and being a stepping stone in reaching individual goals.

Philanthropy. Our “Give Back” program assists non-for-profit organizations obtain goals that assist women live healthier lives, or with personal & professional growth.

Pay it forward initiative. We have received many blessings and acknowledge it by simply repaying it with acts of kindness & with good deeds to others.

Coaching & mastermind classes


Live streaming participation opportunities

Flutterflies' Magazine season edition collaboration

Workshops & networking events
Entrepreneurship programs 

Holistic classes & certifications

Spirituality & Mindfulness Sessions

Lunch & Learn Sessions
Fundraiser assistance & event planning

Birthdays Box project with our sister partner Wings of Empowerment 501.3c 

Help us create more birthday smiles. Contact:

Consider becoming a member today.

Join a Committee. 


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